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Mystery Box Videos:

Every night after the winner of the mystery box is revealed, we will show everyone what was in the mystery box. 

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Action Bucks Info:

  • For daily updates on Action Buck counts please click the button above. The page is password protected.
  • Action Buck Opportunities: Click here  Yes… There is still time to earn more action bucks… 
  • How Are Action Bucks Earned?

Auction Information:


  • Auction Dashboard: Area to view Active Bids, Bids Won, Bids Lost and Watchlist. 
  • Auctions Ending Soon: All items scheduled to close by earliest day.
  • Future Auction: Posted, but bidding is put on hold. 
  • Expired Auction: Posted, bidding is closed

Auction Dates:

  • Day1 – Dec14: 7:30p-9p
  • Day2 – Dec14: 9p to Dec 15 9p
  • Day3 – Dec15: 9p to Dec 16 9p
  • Day4 – Dec16: 9p to Dec 17 9p
  • Day5 – Dec17: 9p to Dec 18 5p
  • Pickup auction stuff at the church at 8p, Dec 18th via the side door.
  • At 9p each night, the scout action buck amounts will decrease to show updated totals for the next day. Note: Scouts need to remember how many action bucks they have before they bid. Scouts who bid on items which goes past the amount of scout bucks earned will forfeit the item and the next scout will win that item at the lowest competing price.

Action Bucks Payout:

Action bucks are earned throughout the year by earning rank & merit badges, attending meetings, working service projects, participating at events and working leadership roles on the PLC. They are spent at the annual auction. Any action bucks leftover after the auction null and the scouts begins at 0 points Jan1. We will begin accounting for Action Bucks digitally in 2021.

2020 Payout List:

  • Leadership Role Payout
    • SPL: 100
    • ASPL:75
    • Patrol L: 70
    • Den Chief: 60
    • Troop Guide: 60
    • Other PLC officer: 50
  • Advancement Payout
    • Earned Eagle: 100
    • Rank: 50
    • Merit Badge: 25
  • Service Projects: 50
  • Attendance/Participation:
    • Meetings: 2
    • Meetings w/uniform: 5
    • PLCs: 10
    • Campouts: 50
    • Summer Camp: 100
    • Attend NYLT: 100
    • Staff NYLT: 150
    • OA Events: 50
    • High Adventure: 100
    • Attending Annual Planning: 100
    • Recruit another scout to the troop: 200
  • Extra Opportunities:
    • Scoutmaster discretion for incentives on the scout oath, law, spirit, activities, projects or leadership roles. 

Earn Last Minute Action Bucks:

That’s right! You can earn a few more action bucks pre and during the auction… all the way to Thursday, Dec 17th @10p. 

  • Watch specific movies
  • Perform some community service
  • Recruit someone to join the troop

Email the scoutmaster for more details.