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  • Active Leader in the troop through 1 or more roles
    • Tougher, more mature patrol / troop roles
    • Troop Guide
  • Participated in at least 10 Fundraisers
  • 30-40 Campouts under the belt
  • Life Scout Rank Achieved (maybe Eagle at this time)
  • Summer Camp scheduling of multiple merit badges (This is done with the scoutmaster and the scout to make sure there is a good balance of merit badge and summer camp activities.)
    • Track 1: Area oriented list – taking all the badges in that area
    • Track 2: Eagle Scout required – focusing on Eagle Scout required merit badges in each area
    • Track 3: Scoutmaster Bounties – merit badges focused on specific opportunities at camp.
    • Track 4: Extra programs / activities for older scouts
  • Working on Eagle requirements if not already there.
  • Worked his own project.
  • Participated in at least 1 High Adventure Trip.
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